Guide to the hidden underbelly
Previous Top has some features not exposed through settings dialog.  These settings tend to be advanced features, or features that are not easily presented through the GUI.  Over time, many features once in this list have become fully supported features with a UI for managing them.

*** INI File Settings ***
In the [TrueCryptOpts] section, trueCryptMountTimeout defines how long to wait(in seconds) for the TrueCrypt volume to mount before exit

*** Searchbar ***
The searchbar locations can be defined through the locale file (although the URLs must support google (or wiki) compatible syntax).

*** Wallpaper ***
If you create a subfolder of your "Pictures" folder called "wallpaper", and fill that folder with .jpg images, will select a random image at start and replace the desktop wallpaper with that image.

In addition, you can specify "drawboxes" which will overlay boxes on your background image. This is a feature that will eventually have a user interface to manage, but those who are adventurous and interested can look at this example box from geekmenu.ini below:
[wallpaper drawbox1]

*** Interface Tricks ***
-Alt + Clicking on the "explore" button when using Truecrypt will browse the host drive, rather than the encrypted partition.
-Creating custom buttons or changing the application names to include a "&" character in front of a letter will create a keybord shortcut that can be used with "ALT+(whatever letter the & is in front of)".  To actually display an ampersand in a label, type &&
-You can force a shortcut or category to the top of the menu by renaming the category or application with a space in front of it.  The space will not display, but the app will sort to the top.