Modifying settings
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Once you have created the encrypted volume with the appropriate directory structure, you'll need to change some settings to have automatically mount and utilize the encrypted volume.

To Change TrueCrypt Settings
Click on the "Options" button on the right of the menu, and choose "Configure TrueCrypt (encryption) settings" from the menu that drops down.

TrueCrypt Options
You must set the TrueCrypt options in the Advanced Options dialog for TrueCrypt integration to function properly.  Open the Advanced Options dialog and click on the "TrueCrypt" tab.

Use TrueCrypt Volume for Apps
This option turns on's support for integrating applications from an encrypted TrueCrypt volume.  This is highly recommended for the security conscious, although it does require administrative privileges.  It is possible to run with TrueCrypt support on some computers, and without on other computers (see the Behavior on unknown Computers Topic in the Menu Tab help screen)

TrueCrypt Volume
This is the path to the TrueCrypt File that will be mounted as a drive by TrueCrypt is sensitive as to the exact syntax of this location, so it is recommended that you select this path by clicking on the button to the right of this edit box.

TrueCrypt Executable
This is the path to the TrueCrypt program file.  It defaults to \TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe, which is the correct path as is installed.   If you have moved the files, change the value entered here.  TrueCrypt is sensitive as to the exact syntax of this location, so it is recommended that you select this path by clicking on the button to the right of this edit box.

TrueCrypt Keyfile
If you would like additional security (beyond password protection) for your TrueCrypt volume, you can add Keyfile protection as well.  For more information on how Keyfiles work, read the TrueCrypt documentation.

Theme when running without TrueCrypt Mounted
If you are using one of the methods that will run without it's encrypted content, or if you click on the checkbox of the password dialog to do so, you can select a different theme so that there is an immediate visual difference.  To do this, select a different theme from the dropdown displayed.

Preferred TrueCrypt Drive Letter
If you select a drive letter from this drop down box, will always attempt to mount the TrueCrypt Volume to this drive letter.  If the drive letter already exists (or if you blank out this field), will use the next available drive letter.

Assume TC mounted if drive letter present
Use this option to override the behavior described above.  If this option is checked, will assume that a mounted drive with the same letter as your Preferred TrueCrypt drive letter is your TrueCrypt drive.  This option is useful for testing and development, but should probably not be used in production.

Cache TrueCrypt Passwords in Driver
If you want TrueCrypt to remember your password and keyfile information from previous mounts between reboots, you can check this option.  NB: This significantly decreases the security of the TrueCrypt volume on computers where has been run previously.

Run TrueCrypt in Stealth mode
      To prevent TrueCrypt from creating a System Tray icon, check this option.

Behavior on unknown computer can maintain a list of "trusted" computers, and behave differently on unknown computers.  Several of the behavior options are directly related to TrueCrypt support.  These options are on the "Menu" tab of the Advanced Options dialog.
      Run Menu from Unencrypted Drive
This option will run from your host drive, ignoring the TrueCrypt volume
      Mount TrueCrypt Volume as usual will behave in the same manner on all computers
      Mount TrueCrypt Volume as Read Only
You can use this option to run portableApps from a Read Only TrueCrypt partition, running security tools such as ClamWin, etc. to determine if you trust the machine.  Keep in mind that the Host Drive is still unprotected from any malware that may be on the host machine.
      Display Owner Info and Run Menu from Unencrypted Drive
This will show the Owner Information dialog and then proceed to run from the unencrypted host drive (as described above)
      Mount Alternate TrueCrypt Volume
This option mounts a separate volume on unknown computers, allowing the user to select a different suite of applications to run on unknown computers

Displaying Owner Information
The password entry dialog box that displays can also display owner information so that if someone honest finds your drive, it might be returned to you.  You can enter up to 3 lines of text in the Owner Info field on the Menu tab of the Advanced Options Dialog box.